Monday, 4 May 2015

Am I Here

I had an event as part of Glasgow's Open House. Am I Here  was an interactive event which used storytelling/performance, assemblage, sculpture, site specific text and embroidery to tell of a haunted house, as told by an atheist who doesn't believe in ghosts.

I asked The British Humanists about the format for an exorcism (well, they do weddings, funerals and christenings) and they provided this gem: 'It is impossible to imagine such a request without it involving a referral to mental health services.'

There was a 'witches bottle' - which I opened.

Over afternoon tea (as was often the case with Victorian seances, I chatted with a Georgian ghost, replicated a Victorian haunting (complete with 'ectoplasm and a poltergiest's 'knocking') shared the picture of the supposed Glasgow School of Art JD Kelly 'ghost' (fyi - the man who took the photo does not believe in ghosts).

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