Friday, 2 September 2016

Words of Washerwomen

Installation, Drying Green, Glasgow Green, August 22-29 2016. Machine sewn text/textile.


  1. For thousands of years, women used Glasgow Green to wash and dry laundry. They were well-placed to witness many tumultuous historic events: public executions, the Calton Weavers Massacre, the nearby camp of Bonnie Prince Charlie, suffragette protests alongside meetings, rallies, executions, the aftermath of the George Square riots, James Watt musing as he strolled along the Clyde dreaming up his invention – the steam engine, as well as social events such as fairs, rowing, boxing, and the first football matches played in the 1500s, also: military drills and parades.
    Imagined testimonies (and a few stories from living witnesses) will be displayed on the historic laundry poles on Glasgow’s Drying Green. The work is sewn onto white muslin, referencing the traditional skill of white work as well as the old muslin mills, an industry which was once close to the site. Ghostly memories shared as spectral words displayed on delicate embroidered banners.
    Come along and ‘Meet the Artist’ Glasgow Women’s Library (23 Landressy Street, Glasgow G40 1BP) Saturday August 27 1-3pm.

    Many thanks to Glasgow Women’s Library and Creative Scotland’s Open Fund for supporting this project.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous project. I wish I was closer.

    1. Just seen the date! I wish i had been closer!